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"some people like to make life a little tougher than it is"

just.. to see something new standing here..

  • Listening to: Cake
  • Reading: London
Berlin, March 3, 2006

ah.. somehow.. wow.. don't know what to say..
it was a very very good concert..
now my back hurts also my feets but somehow it doesn't matter.. ^^
yeah.. now I'm 16 and a few hours old..
I believe that from yesterday to today.. was it the best birthday party I ever had.. yah.. I'm old x) and very proud of! nono.. just killing you..
how you could be proud of something that you can't influence?!
yeah.. I'm a lil'bit strange.. but thats something I'm proud of.. ;)

have a nice day.
hm.. well.. it's a long long time ago since my last entry..
in this time a lot of new deviations were uploaded and I'm hopping that in the future my gallery becomes bigger and bigger ^^
thanks to my "supporter"
good to know you lubuwei :blowkiss:
:blowkiss:  hahh.. today.. I feel great?! ^^
don't know how to discribe it..
in 3 days the holidays will begin, today I've saw a very "nice" guy.. and besides the sun is shining.. x)

in think I'll find soon some time to take new photos etc.
I can't wait untill the holidays start :boogie:
somehow.. I feel me good..:boogie:
It wasn't a wonderful day
It wasn't a wonderful night
buuuut... I feel great ^^

Now.. I could :smooch:  the world.. xD
yeah.. I know.. a lil'bit crazy..

Do you know that in the past the people believed that chicory
schould make you invisible?!
yeah.. so what do we learn in our biology lessons x)

music: Alanis Morissette - I was hoping
mood: I want to go far, far, far away.. and never come back!

argh.. ELLI, I love ya, I love ya so much..
but maybe it schouldn't be.. like we want..

what a suprise, I thought I'm already dead..
school is stressing me.. why must teacher be teachers?!
tomorrow is my mums birthday .. yeeha.. :unimpressed:
we go to the baltic sea for 1 day.. maybe it will be funny..
I'll see.. I wish you a nice weekend.. :halfliquid:  
after a long,long time I've understand how to use deviantart.. ^^
yeah.. not everybody can be a genius Oo